Understanding Apostasy

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Today was a really strange day. I don’t think we taught a single normal lesson the whole day. Also we didn’t have a single appointment actually go through at the time that we wanted it to. We did a lot of finding today and had two really firsts come off of it. One was to a man in Red Hills that has been taught before but he doesn’t let what we say get in his hear. He’s convinced that the Catholic Church is true but says that ours is true as well and he seems to understand the apostasy. I even told him outright that the Catholic Church is wrong and that he needs to join our church because only through that can he be saved. That didn’t even faze him. I guess some people just don’t want anything in life and are just happy to float along. We did have a good first lesson review with Bro Freddie Pacheco. He told us he’d prayed and gotten and answer. Hopefully he’ll start to progress. I’ve been really tired today and I actually took about an hour nap today at lunch. I think it’s just because of stress etc.

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