Transfers and the Caindoy’s Baptism

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Well, once attain I’ve grown lazy in my writing. Hopefully this transfer will be better. Well, as usual when I decide to write again, I’ve been transferred yet again. I’m currently assigned as the Assistant Zone Leader in the Parañaque Zone. My companion is Elder Harris also from Utah and my area is Parañaque 1st and 3rd wards. The good news is that even though I didn’t get to witness it, the Caindoy family was baptized yesterday. Elder Nemes texted me and told me that it went really well and that even Raea, their youngest girl (6 years), was dressed in baptismal clothes. Obviously I wish I hadn’t gotten transferred but I guess that is the will of the Lord.

This is a picture that I got before leaving Dasmariñas with the Caindoy family.

This is a picture that I got before leaving Dasmariñas with the Caindoy family.

Here in my new area I’m having trouble getting the excitement up for good, hard missionary work. The wards here are all full of rich people and they all live in gated communities where we can’t go tracting. Also another difficulty and something that annoys me was that in church today they spoke mainly 100% English. That is all nice and good but half of the members, and more especially the investigators, can’t understand what is happening. One more complaint and then I’ll stop. This is a really dirty apartment because so many elders have finished their missions here and have posted wedding picture etc everywhere.

Hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish what the Lord has in mind for me here. Most of all also this is another trial of my humility because I really expected that I’d become a Senior Zone Leader this transfer and when it didn’t happen I was taught a crash course in humility. I wrote to mom and dad about it as well and they gave me some good advice about how to be content with the callings that the Lord has given to us. I hope that I’ll be able to become more humble and moldable by the Lord. I’m trying not to seek for position in the mission but I really struggle. Well, I guess I’m excited to get to work here and see what the Lord would have me do.

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