4 strange occurrances

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Today was preparation day and I had several strange things happen. First thing this morning we went to Pasay with Elder Gorldhorp so that he and Harris could get fitted for their suits that they are having made. We got there early and waited in the Wendy’s across the street for a while for them to open. While we were sitting there we had some strange random guy come up to us and pull out envelope addressed to NASA out of his bag. I have no idea what he expected us to do but after showing us the envelope and muttering something unintelligible he produced a diploma or some certificate of something.  We just told him we couldn’t help him and he left. Very strange.

Later on, after the fitting and after emailing we went back to Wendy’s to get a frosty. When we came out we were accosted by this guy that was jumping up and down, flailing his arms, and talking something about religion really fast. He kept running and jumping until we told him we had a place to go and just left him there on the sidewalk. That made two strange experience in one day, two more.

We went grocery shopping at SM and they were playing Christmas music. Not was it only Christmas music in public in September but when they sang “Silent Night” they sang the German lyrics. Strange experience #3.

Number 4 was at the barber shop later on. We went to this place that did “European style” and at first they wanted to charge us p99 just for a haircut. When we started to leave the price suddenly dropped to p55. It was nice: shampoo, massage, cut, shampoo again and style. The strange part was how insanely long the man took to cut the sides with the razor. He must have gone over it nine or ten times and I was just sure that by the time he was finished I’d be completely bald. In the ehd though it was ok.

Work today was alright. We taught some kids and a brother in Masville. The kids were really magulo and it was fairly hard to teach. We only got 5 OYMs today and the standard is 10/day or 70/week. I really want to get that this week so that I can set an example to the zone.

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