Zone planning

Monday, September 19, 2005 – 16 month mark

Today was another different day. This morning the whole zone was at Kabihasnan chapel to do a zone planning session. We started at 9:00 with a simple opening exercises and then just let each companionship plan for a couple of hours. We then had Elder Harris pull all of them out one at a time to do pre-mission president interview interviews. While he was doing that I did a little bit of area book training. That is one thing that I’m really going to focus on this transfer (6 weeks). The area book is such a powerful tool if it is used correctly. I’m going to do weekly follow-ups with each companionship so that that will improve.

The rest of the day was strange. We taught a short lesson to Jenny about baptism and confirmation. We also had a good first less off of an OYM. The only thing bad about today was that we wasted two hours at family home evening that we didn’t have any investigators at. The members here are great but we’re going to have to tell them that we can’t spend so much time with them. I like dinner appointments of course but we need to focus on our investigators during those peak hours that we often spend with members.

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