Letters and the truthfulness of the Bible

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Today was a good day. We didn’t have any places to go and so we just sat at the apartment and studied/vegetated. I also got to write a couple of letters, one to my trainer Elder Sangco and one to A. It’s really strange to write because it takes so long for my mail to get to them and even longer to get letters from them to me. I haven’t gotten a real written letter since the beginning of January. I really wanted to read some today but I’ve already read most of the old ones three or four times and so that would just have been boring. I ended up doing a little study out of the “teachings of the prophets” books about missionary work. It was good and inspiring to me. Our work was good today. We had a really long discussion about the plan of salvation with Mervin Dioso, He’s really good at the Bible but he has a little trouble accepting that the Bible has errors. I challenged him again to pray and ask if the Book of Mormon is true. He says it’s ok in his mind but I just know that he needs to pray and gain a sure knowledge so that he’ll realize that the Bible doesn’t have all the answers. I’m more and more impressed all the time at how vitally the first principles and ordinances apply to people. If they’d just exercise a little faith and accept a little their whole understanding would open up.

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