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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

We had district meeting today in San Jose. We got kind of a late start coming out of Calintaan and didn’t get to the church until 8:45. We were still the first ones there though. I got to conduct the meeting again today and I also got to teach an attributes lesson in district meeting. I taught about gaining and having knowledge. I guess it went well even though it was kind of a strange topic. I hope it was beneficial to the other elders. I also did my email today. As always I got a good bunch of letters from my family. I really wanted to write them a really long letter back because I had a lot to say; but, the computer I was working on started having all sorts of things popping up. I had to turn off the monitor and hard restart the computer. As a result, I lost most of what I had written and so the letter turned out to be a lot shorter than I had intended it to be. I did, however, get some good pictures sent home of the Viloria family and the Pulido family. After coming back to my area, we went out and visited Bro Sergio Aldana. We taught him another lesson about tithing and showed him how to work the slips. We also got to meet with Bro Delfino tonight and got him a baptismal date. He’s doing a lot better and he told us that he’s also doing well on avoiding alcohol. Hopefully he really is and he really is progressing. We also got to teach Bro Andales about the law of chastity. It went well and I think that he is making progress.

Mangyan merchandise that the Oretas showed us

Mangyan merchandise that the Oretas showed us

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