Ups and Downs

Sunday, January 9, 2005

I hate emotions. Today I had some time when I was feeling really confident and then just a little alter I would be feeling discouraged and not at all confident about the work. Church, for example, was really good today. I felt the spirit more powerfully than I probably have before in this branch. Pres Armoreta visited and he gave a really good talk about the importance of reading the scriptures. On the other hand, we only had one investigator at church, Bro Aldana. Again on the plus side, Pres Isla was successful in helping the Malakad family from Cansaliw come to church. We also got to give the priesthood to Bro Viloria. I really hope that he’ll continue to progress and get to the temple and that I’ll be able to see him there. We had an interesting lesson with a brother out in Niyayos today. He had a question about when the Sabbath day is really supposed to be. He would believe what we said but there isn’t a single scripture in the Bible or in modern revelation that says we should go to church on Sunday. I finally told him that if he would pray to know about the truthfulness of the church then he’d be able to accept Sunday as the Sabbath just because it is the day that the trud church has their church meeting. We also visited Bro Aldana today. It is hard for me to work with him because we’ve already taught him everything and now we’re really just waiting for the interview. I hope we can strengthen his faith enough that he will want to give us a referral and we will be able to teach some of his family.

Me with the Pulido Family. I got some serious sun in this area.

Me with the Pulido Family. I got some serious sun in this area.

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