My first baptismal interview

Saturday, April 9, 2005

Well I had to do my first baptismal interview today. It was for the sisters in Dasma Bayan II. It was really interesting because I hadn’t even met the sisters yet and I had to all of a sudden do an interview to someone that I know absolutely nothing about. It turned out to be a dalaga, young woman, who is 17 years old. She is the house help for some family there in Dasma. Before I even started the interview, I felt nervous about it. As I started she was really shy and was even a little afraid of me. We went through and I just didn’t feel right about telling her she could be baptized. I finally found out that she had some family trouble back and home in northern Luzon and that she hadn’t yet gotten her parent’s permission to be baptized. I had to tell her that we couldn’t have her baptized without her parent’s consent and helped her set another goal date for May when she will have been able to talk to her parents. It was interesting because I had to talk to this dalaga for an hour all by myself and then it didn’t even work out. I was also surprised that they, the sisters, thought that she could be baptized without the parental permission. Hopefully that will all work out. I also got to watch the Priesthood Session of conference today and that was really good.

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