Struggles with sisters

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I have no time any more. I really want to be able to write every night but I always have so much to do .We had district meeting again today. Elder Bonayon taught an “attributes” lesson about working with the leadership of the units. It was really different. I tried to teach about teaching for understanding. I think it went well and I hope that the Elders and sisters got something out of it. I decided that it is hard to have sisters in your district because they always have some problem or another that has to be taken care of. They do good work but just really like to talk about their problems.

After district meeting and a quick lunch, we went and taught Michael and Lea about the restoration and Joseph Smith. They were very accepting. They also told us that their sister, Alma, had read almost ½ of the Book of Mormon. We also went out to Marahan and found her and her mother-in-law and talked to them for a while. Alma and her husband Alvin have a lot of potential as do her brother and sister Michael and Lea. Well it is now 10:29 so I’m done.

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