Cleaning the apartment and teaching about the next life

Friday, April 8, 2005

Well our service today out in the fields fell through and so we decided that we would just clean the apartment to get ready for our apartment inspection next Monday. We got rid of nearly 5 huge bags of trash and got rid of the four inches of dirt that were on the shelves in the kitchen. We also got lots of things organized and straightened up. The spirit is a lot stronger now in the apartment now that it is clean in and out.

We taught a good lesson to Michael and his two sisters Alma and Lea. They are the people we OYMed and then went back the next day just to find that they had just had their dad die. He was just buried earlier this week. We did something sort of irregular and taught them about the plan of salvation first. They, obviously, had a lot of questions about how things are in the next life. They were really happy to know that their father would still know them in the next life.

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