Attending the temple

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Today was another early day but it was worth it because we got to go to the Temple. I’ve really missed going there for the last 6 months. The feelings of peace and love in the temple are really delicious. I hope that I don’t have to go that long again ever in my life without going to the temple.

I also wrote a three page email to my family today. My mom is getting really a little bit trunky. She keeps mentioning memories and stuff like that. On the way back from the temple, before we got on the bus at Baclaran, we ate at Wendys. It was really good to have some really American fast food.

I also wrote a compliment letter to A. to thank her for my letter as a birthday gift. I really respect her a lot for how much support she gives me here on the mission and doesn’t try to pull my thoughts away to things that are really of little importance right now.

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