Interviews and a spirit filled lesson

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Well I was hoping to spend this very important day at the Temple but they changed our district meeting day to today because Pres Beck was coming and so we didn’t get to go. We had interviews this morning so we had to be at the Dasmariñas Stake Center at 7:00. I couldn’t believe how big the church building was! It was incredible. Sister Beck and Elder Kavanav visited my district meeting. Elder Durrant taught about Hope for his attributes lesson and compared it to despair. My skills lesson was about bearing testimony and more specifically about bearing pure testimony of important truths. The spirit was there and I also learned from the others. We went grocery shopping also and I couldn’t believe, again, how bit WalterMart was. They had everything you could ever want. On the nearly 2 hour bus trip back to Alfonso I read in “Articles of Faith” by Talmage. I’m also learning a lot there.

We had a really neat experience with Alfredo Lopez tonight. We taught him about the plan of salvation and about how we need to follow the principles and ordinances of the gospel while we are here in this life. He told us that he felt he was a very proud person and that he questioned “why” too much. He also told us that be had lost faith to an extent from what he used to have. He really wants it. I was able to promise him faith if he will but read the Book of Mormon every day and pray daily. Both Elder Durrant and I felt that we should kneel and pray; so, after we testified about Jesus Christ and God’s love for us, we did so. We had him pray first and then Elder Durrant and then I prayed. He gave a beautiful sincere prayer and the spirit was so strong. He has been hesitant to pray and get an answer but both Elder Durrand and I know that he got an answer. The spirit will work miracles in people’s lives if we will let it. My testimony of the converting power of the Holy Ghost was increased tonight and I am grateful for that blessing.

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