Meetings, Ushering, and Translating (Tuesday, June 1, 2004)

Elder Lewis and I did our first thing as AP’s today. Every Tuesday we get to attend a meeting with all of the AP’s in branches 27-40. There we all report on how things are going in our branches and then one of the MTC district leaders presents a lesson. It is going to be a great meeting to attend each week[1].

Our district ushered for the devotional tonight. It was really easy. All we had to do is stand there and hold up our fingers. The devotional was really good. Elder Merrill C. Oaks spoke to us about our duty as missionaries. One thing he said that really impressed me is that we need to get our investigators to places where they can feel the Holy Ghost. We should take them to baptismal services and like events

I started translating my first outline into Tagalog today. I didn’t think that it was going to be really hard but it is really hard.


[1] These weekly meeting really were awesome! I started to get to play the piano at them and I loved being to sit and play prelude while the other Elders were still coming in. I remember that one week at one of these meetings the brother teaching the lesson pointed out how music brings the spirit. He pointed out that one of the ways that I was able to share my testimony was through my music. I was really pleased that he would notice that and call out my music specifically. I knew that music was supposed to be a big part of my mission and that comment in this meeting was part of the fulfillment of that promise.

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