First Leadership Learning (Monday, May 31, 2004)

You will likely notice as I share stories from my mission that I tended to be a bit uptight and judgmental of the Elders that I served with. (I’m sure that those I served with would probably attest to this!) I hope that I have grown beyond that. I hope that as we continue to follow my mission experience, that we’ll see at least some improvement in my attitude! I hope that this post does not offend. I offer it as an honest critique of myself as a young leader and hope that those mentioned here understand my immaturity. . .

I have had a sort of hard day today. I feel better now because I had gym and that let me release a log of energy. The day was hard because of the calling that I received yesterday to be an assistant. I’m a little bit, no really would be more truthful, upset with my district. They are really immature sometimes. They laugh at things that I would expect to hear deacons at a scout camp laugh about. The act like they know they should when the teacher is there but during our self-directed time it is impossible to accomplish anything in the classroom because they are so easily distracted. Elder Lewis and I had a good discussion about what to do about it today during companionship study. We looked to the example of the current AP’s and decided just to, for now, be a good example and fight the good fight. I’m also going to talk to the district leader, Elder Cox, and see if he has any ideas. I really hope we can get it to be better.


Elder F's Bed. He sure got some great AC in that cave.

Elder F’s Bed. He sure got some great AC in that cave.


Other that thinking about that all day the day was good. Tagalog is coming along pretty well and the gospel study is really good. The spirit is always here and all I have to do to learn is tap into that power. It truly is an incredible experience to be here.

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