Zone Activity with the Parañaque Zone

Monday, August 16, 2004

Well last night I had a strange experience. I was sitting on my bed studying and the next thing I knew I was waking up at 3:00 in the morning. I didn’t even change out of my proselyting clothes! It was really weird. We had zone conference yesterday and it was really good. We talked about stewardships and it helped me a lot. We celebrated Elder Sangco’s birthday and so I got to go up and tell two things that I liked about him. I said I like how he’s always happy and how he wants to always work. I realize more and more how lucky I am to get him as a trainer and as a companion.

san juan district (me,s atanante, riparip,bautista, e mathew

Our District (the San Juan District) at the combined Zone activity. (Back: me,Sister Atanante, Sister Riparip, Sister Bautista, Elder Mathews. Front: Elder Catubag, Elder Sangco)

Today we had a Zone activity with Parañaque Zone. I enjoyed it because I got to talk to Elder Clark. He is doing really well and his Tagalog is really good. The zone activity was good I guess. It was really geared to helping fellowship our investigators that some Elders had invited. We didn’t have anyone to bring so it was kind of useless. I didn’t even get to write any letters like I wanted to there. After riding in the train back, Elder Mathews and I went to e-mail sa Crame. I found out that my family didn’t ever get my letter last week. I felt really bad because I’d tried to send photos. I sent them only a few photos today but it still filled up Mom’s mailbox and I had to send the letter to Sarah and Rebekah to make sure they got it. Because we spent so much time at the Zone activity  we didn’t have time to go grocery shopping so I’m without food now.

Our “work” tonight was okay lang. we visited Sister Marisa Chamberlin and had food. She invited us to come for a birthday party for Elder Sangco on the 25th. We’re all going. I guess it’ll be fun.

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