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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Well today was fairly uneventful. In the morning we had some appointments over in Corazon de Jesus but none of them were there. We came back early for lunch because we have church at 1:00 and we wanted some time. We took a bit of a rest and left for church. At church I got to help pass the sacrament and that was really good. I always enjoy getting to do that because it reminds me of when I was first ordained a deacon. We had a good discussion with Judy afterward. Sometimes the new member discussions are hard because I only have a copy in Tagalog and I don’t always know all the words. It was good this time though and I got to teach about the priesthood being the power and authority of God. I was happy because I was mostly able to understand it. After church we didn’t even get to go back to the apartment. We stayed long at church for correlation and PEC meetings. In correlation we had a good organized meeting. Elder Sangco and I did a little training on building relationships of trust. I want to get the ward missionaries to be more excited about working with us. It’s hard though for them because they don’t’ really know what’s expected of them.

Anyhow, we didn’t get to go back the apartment because we had an appointment right then. When we got to the appointment though, he was drunk and obviously couldn’t do a discussion. We were disappointed and didn’t really know what to do. We ended up visiting Nanay Jose for the rest of the night. It’s virtually impossible to work here if you don’t have an appointment after about 6:00. Our appointments fall through a lot and we are without anything to do.

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