Three-month Mark

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Well I’ve officially been on my mission for three months now if you don’t count the day lost in traveling! 🙂 It doesn’t seem like I’ve been here for that long. Time really goes by fast. We didn’t have to go to follow-ups this morning because the sisters had their follow-ups yesterday at the zone activity. This morning we tried to visit Donde and Joy again to give them the “IBC” but they weren’t there again. Before we went back to the apartment Elder Sangco went to a photo place to get a memorial photo. We spend a lot of time and also tried to find an umbrella for me because I left my good one on a Jeep somewhere. We didn’t find one so we went to Uni-Mart[1] and then home.

In the afternoon we went straight to Corazon de Jesus. We were trying to find a sister Rose that we OYMed earlier but we “accidentally” found a different Sister Rose and shared a first discussion with her and her husband. They are poor and old Sister Rose has to provide for all of them by herself. I feel bad for them. After we finished there we had another first discussion with Brother Mel and Sister Lai. It was good I guess but it could have been a lot better. My Tagalog for that discussion is really good now. I wish we could get more 2nd discussions and have more committeds and not just so many first discussions. I just have to keep telling myself that I’ve already seen more baptisms than some ever see. After our dinner appointment on our jeepney ride home we saw a fight. It was scarry.


[1] Uni-Mart was the only real grocery store in our area that had food I knew how to cook. Most of the natives would shop at the outdoor markets, palangkes, but I didn’t know how to cook anything from there so we had to go to this place. It actually was quite a bit more expensive that it should have been. I thought it was a pretty bad grocery store when I used it in this first area but by the time I finished my mission, I realized that it was one of the nicest stores I had been able to use.

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