“You don’t have a salary!?”

Sunday, February 6, 2005

We had a good turnout at church today. Not all of the Andales family came but we visited them tonight, taught them about the Plan of Salvation, and committed them to come to church next week. Brother Andales seems to be doing well. He said that he hasn’t drunk alcohol since the last time about 3 weeks ago. If all goes well in the next couple days we’ll do his interview later on this week and have his baptism on the 19th. Hopefully his four children will follow shortly. Tonight while we were waiting for the bus in Dagupan we talked to the pastor from the local “Four Square” church. We had a good talk. He asked us toward the end how much our salary was. When I told him that we didn’t get paid he was taken aback. He was speechless for a little bit. The bus came right then and we went back to Calintaan. I guess he felt bad for us or something because he paid our fair for us. Elder Cox and I were talking about it later and we decided that the Catholics and most of the protestant churches probably don’t really, deep down inside, believe that there is one true church on the earth. Perhaps that is one reason that they are all trying to “unite,”—because they don’t really think that anyone is correct. What a sad state to live in.

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