Lots of lessons . . . and one weird one

Saturday, February 5, 2005

We taught a lot of lessons today. In fact we taught more lessons today than my whole first week in the mission. It felt really good. This morning we took the long sandy walk out to the end of Niyayos II to try for the last time to get the Andales family progressing. It is Bro Andales’s brother and if they don’t come to church tomorrow when we will wait until after Bro Andales is baptized before we go out there again. For lunch we ate rice for the first time in a while. It was good. After lunch we went and visited Bro Malakad, an inactive. I guess he’s progressing but still at a snail’s pace. We also had a good visit with Bro Aldana. We read Enos with him and had a good talk about prayer. They only thing we accomplished in Dagupan was to teach a really weird discussion off an OYM. There was a sister and a brother but they invited about seven young women to the lesson and then didn’t participate. Today the least, it was really strange. Tonight we got to read a little bit out of 3 Nephi with Jun-Jun Zepata. That was also good. He’s the first person that didn’t have to go back to review the reading when we asked him a question.

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