“Poor people” food

Monday, February, 7, 2005

Poor people’s food actually does taste good after all. After hearing all the complaining from people about how hard life is and how the food isn’t good, I finally got to taste it for myself. We went to the Zepata family tonight hoping to teach Jun-Jun about prayer and scripture study but as it turned out he had to go down to Central to get some wood. We ended up just talking with Brother for a while and help him get comfortable with us again. He actually invited us to stay for dinner! His wife was kind of shy because the ulam (stuff on top of rice) wasn’t very good. They fed us fish, very very tasty, rice, of course, and ulam. The ulam was simple, onions, tomato, small fish, etc. just in water, but it was really good. Here at the house we don’t really have anything with flavor and so that was a rare treat. They are going to feed us again on Wednesday and I’m excited. Work was good today as well. We got to teach a first and that was refreshing.

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