Trying not to be “plastic”

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Well it’s been two day since I wrote last. I didn’t write on Tuesday because I was on exchanges with Elder Fa’oa and I was so involved with talking to him that I didn’t write. Yesterday I had just received a tape from Amy and so I listened to that instead of writing. Anyhow, right now I’m feeling kind of down about myself. I don’t know why but every time that I get into any sort of leadership position I feel awful about myself.

The sun over the rice fields

The sun over the rice fields


Today should have been a good day. We had three lessons and accomplished a lot of good work. I guess I’m feeling a little bit of friction between myself and Elder Cox. I don’t know why. When I had my other three senior companions I was the best of friends with them but now I’m just judgmental and hard on Elder Cox and keep on lifting my own self up. I’m going to focus my study tomorrow on how to work in a companionship and how to not make it plastic.

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