“Stunning One Liners” (Tuesday, May 25, 2004)

Today has been fairly good. This morning we were introduced to the TEC (Teaching Evaluation Center) where we can go and learn how better to teach. Elder Lewis and I signed up for our first appointment which will be on Thursday. We’ve already put together our first outline but we’re just going to have them teach us so that we can refine our outline a bit.


Neal A. Maxwell -- "Stunning One Liners"

Neal A. Maxwell — “Stunning One Liners”

Tonight we had our first MTC devotional. We weren’t told who was going to be speaking until we got there. It turned out to be Elder Maxwell. He gave a great talk. He talked about “stunning one-liners.” These short terse scriptures are profound very often, we often can’t even comprehend how powerful they are. The spirit was really strong.


After the devotional, we had a review of what was said with President Naton. We talked a bit about Elder Maxwell’s address but then he launched into this huge discourse on angles. He quoted a lot of scriptures and told us a lot of things, some of which were contrary or conflicting to what I know. I was really confused after that meeting.


On a bit more “exciting” note… Elder C. collapsed today. He was sitting in the hall studying and he just collapsed and sat there saying “help, help.” We got him off to the health clinic right away and he ended up going to the hospital. We were all really worried about him and had a good prayer offered by Elder O., the spirit was there. He turned out to just have dehydration and was back by the end of devotional. I guess it was a good experience.

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