The “White Bag Test” (Monday, May 24, 2004)

Today has been another very long day. This morning we had to get a sack breakfast because we had, got, to do a service project. Our district was assigned to clean the bathrooms in 18M. It wasn’t too bad. Elder Lewis and myself did very well. We cleaned 5 bathrooms in an hour and we did them well.

WhiteBagAfter we had finished our cleaning assignment, we had to do the dreaded “white bag test.” [1] We had to do two blood tests, a feces test, and a urine sample. It was awful. The fecal sample was the worst by far; it was smelly, and nasty. I hoped never to do it again.


After that atrocity was over we had a bit of class and then lunch. After lunch we attended a large group meeting. They taught us about the Spirit and how to teach by it. It was an excellent meeting.

We had class after that until dinner at 4:30. Everybody in the district was making crude jokes about how awful the white bag test was. I didn’t feel very good about it but I didn’t say anything. I will probably talk to Elder Cox, the district leader, about it tomorrow.


After dinner and more class time we had gym. It was so good to finally run around again. I’m glad that we have gym every day. In our night class we read about repentance. Bro Santiago brought up a really good question that an investigator might ask, pertaining to children’s state prior to baptism. We had a good long discussion about how to answer. I think I will try to think about what kind of questions an investigator might ask when I read my scriptures from now on.

[1] The white bag test was a test for parasites. Warning, this description is not for the faint of heart. You had to go into a bathroom and collect a feces sample, put it in a test tube and put the whole thing in a white bag. You then had to walk across campus and carry that parcel to the medical offices. Imagine a bunch of less-than-mature 19 year olds all doing this together and you get a pretty accurate picture of what we were up against!

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