Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Tree of Life!

The Infamous Tree of Life!

Today was a very relaxed day. I woke up, as usual, at six-o-clock and showered at the “Tree of Life.” The “Tree of Life” is what we call the common shower. It’s a bit uncomfortable to shower there but I guess I’m getting used to it. The first thing this morning after breakfast is have district meeting. One of the members of the branch presidency taught us about the priesthood. He had a very interesting way of teaching. He would chain scripture together and then teach the chains. It went really fast and I didn’t learn much.


Yesterday I had a good experience with Elder Lewis while we wrote our outline of the first principle set. The spirit was very strong while we worked. When we first started writing it was hard but as we were working the spirit came and we really started feeling what we should write. Once time while we were working stands out. I don’t remember exactly what we were writing about but I had this great idea of what we could say next as we are teaching. When I opened my mouth to tell Elder Lewis what it was, I couldn’t say anything. It turned out that he had a much better idea than me and if I’d done my idea it wouldn’t have been right. I believe this was the spirit directing us what to write.


Tonight we had a great MTC fireside and President Steven Allen of the missionary department was the speaker he talked about how romance is not a part of the mission. He said that we needed to lock our hearts and that we have companions for our own protection as well as for the protection of the church. He also talked about how we missionaries are in a war more deadly than any war that’s ever been fought on earth. It was really good.

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