Trying to work the Bible Exhibit

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Well for being a P-day today sure was a crazy day. This morning we did our Bible reading up north of Calintaan in Bulangcoy. It again was strange because even the principal was scared to death of us. We speak Tagalog to them but I guess they’re just too petrified of two huge white people standing there. Well that went well and we went back to the apartment until 3:00. I started studying the “Preach My Gospel” manual again today. This time for my certification. I am again really liking it.

At 3:00 we headed over to the Bible exhibit. It was good except that no one showed up until 5:00 when it is supposed to close and also we had to go to visit Bro Aldana. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to be there at better time so that we’ll get to talk to more people.

We went from the Bible exhibit and dropped by the house to get a “True to the Faith” book for Bro Aldana and then got on a bus to Malitikwang where he lives. We shared a good lesson with him about serving in the church. We taught him about getting a calling and also about participating in Home Teaching.

We then went back to Calintaan and taught a really confused lesson to Bro Manalo. There are always so many kids running around and it’s always so loud there that I get all confused. Also every time we teach him the Tardios are there and, because he’s a little bit slow, they always are butting in to try to “explain” what I’ve said without him getting a chance to think. I wish they’d stop so he could actually communicate with us and not through an “interpreter.” This week has flown by so fast; I have no idea where all the time has gone. Elder Cox and I were talking about it and we decided that time goes faster when you’re really into doing the Lord’s work. We’ve been so busy this week and all of it has been good work.

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