Becoming as a little child

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Today was a really fast and crazy day. We had district meeting this morning as usual but before that we did bible reading at the school in New Dagupan. Again I think it’s funny that the teachers and principal think that we don’t know how to speak Tagalog. This morning we shared about becoming like a little child. It went well. On the way in to San Jose for district meeting we decided to ride “sabit,” or holding on to the back, the whole way. We made it all the way and it actually was one of the fastest trips into San Jose that I’ve ever had. Our district meeting today was a Zone Development meeting and so Elder Fa’oa and Elder Campbell taught. It was good. After the lessons and all was over we had pre-zone-conference interviews with Campbell and Fa’oa. Then I got to play a bit on the real piano. That is definitely something that I’m going to start practicing again when I get home. I never realized how much I miss practicing. We tried to push the rest of the day faster but we had too much to do in San Jose. We picked up the banner for the church etc. We didn’t get out of San Jose until nearly 3:00 and then the jeep was really slow so we didn’t get back until 5:00. What a waste of time. On the way back we saw a jeep that had gone off the road and so we stopped and they pulled it back onto the road. It’s crazy how things work here, they just do what has to be done and then get on with life. When we finally got back to Calintaan, we went straight over to the church and put up the banner for Bible Week. This is already starting to turn heads and it’s great. In the little bit of time that we had left we went out to Niyayos and talked with the Zipato family. Brother is still nice but a little turned off from the premature baptismal invitation that I gave to him last time. His son, however, is starting to show some promise. We shared with them about Enos, and the son, Jun-jun, told us that that was just what he’d been thinking about lately. I think this family has some real potential.

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