National Bible Week starts

Monday, January 24, 2005

Today was the official start of Bible Week. We started off with doing Bible reading at Calintaan Central School. The principal was kind of scared when we told him that we were the ones for today. I think he was afraid that we were going to be assigned to his school all week because when we explained to him that we’re rotating he felt better. The actual reading went well. We shared about the creation. I gave a prayer and it was kind of strange. I guess it went well though.

After lunch we used a lot of time getting the bible exhibit setup. We actually have a large part of it. Nearly all of the pictures that they’re using came from us and also we are displaying the student manuals for Old and New Testament. Actually, when we got there this morning to see what needed to still be done, we were surprised to see a Book of Mormon up with all the different versions of the Bible. I guess somebody started to include it and I’m certainly not going to complain. We actually explained to the Father that it wasn’t our “Bible” and we told him where it comes from. He told us that we should still display it and so we are. He also is going to have his people explain to others that it isn’t our “Bible.” He is really a nice guy and I’m really enjoying working with him.

The bible display

The bible display used mostly LDS pictures we had in our apartment.

The Bible display at the catholic church

The Bible display at the catholic church


Tonight we did an FHE at the Siscar home in the mountains. We had trouble getting a ride there and we got there quite late. Consequently we left late and had to start walking the almost 5 miles back to the apartment. Luckily we got picked up by a dump truck and so we rode home in the bed of the dump truck and got home only 10 minutes after 8:00. What a crazy long day!!!

The story about the Book of Mormon being there already deserves a bit more explanation. When we arrived at the Catholic church that day, there was a line of stumps setup on the dais that each had a different version of the Bible on it. There in the middle was a copy of The Book of Mormon. Turns out it was actually a book that we’d given to a family several weeks ago. It was really good to work with the Catholic Father and build that relationship.


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