“I guess this was a pretty dry journal entry”

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Church went well today. Because it’s the fourth Sunday today, I taught the lesson in priesthood from Teachings for our Time. I chose to teach about what the purposes of a quorum are. As a text I used a talk by Elder L. Tom Perry in October 2004 general conference. It went well I think but I was still a little hesitant about my Tagalog. Elder Cox gave a really good talk about prayer in sacrament meeting. He’s really a good Elder even if he does some things that annoy me. I’m just having another trial of my patience. He’s really nice and really good with people. We got to share a message with Bro Aldana today after lunch. I shared the story about Nephi shocking his brothers. I talked about how strong Nephi’s faith was. It went well. We also taught a really good first lesson to Brother and Sister Fantuyaw. Brother told us that he’s reading while he’s up in the mountain at his job. We have taught him before so we reviewed with him and also taught his wife. They are a really nice couple and show some good potential. We also wanted to teach Brother and Sister Dioso the third lesson tonight but Brother didn’t get home in time. We ended up teaching about prayer to A J Mar Manuelo. Wow!! I guess this was a pretty dry journal entry. Oh well, the truth hurts.

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