Setting up the Bible Week Exhibit

Friday, January 21, 2005

Today was another day that was slow and fast at the same time. This morning we taught a piano lesson to Lennie Tardio. It went well and she’s really improving. Hopefully by the time I leave, she’ll be able to play every week at church. After the piano lesson, we finally contacted Elder Fa’oa about getting the banner made for the church. He said he’ll order it. It is a 4×6 banner and only costs P150. It will have “National Bible Week” on the top and then below “Salita ng Diyos: Saligan ng pagkakaisa at pagbabago.” That is the theme which being interpreted means “The word of God: Foundation of unity and change.” We also started working on the Bible exhibit. We have different pictures from different stories of the bIble with an accompanying verse. We also had a meeting with Father Redz to finalize the plans. Today at lunch we got carried away into a discussion of the millennium and signs of the times. That is all good and great but it just really pulls my focus away from the work. After lunch as well we went with Pres Isla, Bro Pulido and Bro Oreta to visit the inactives in Red Hills. It was really slow because they just walk slow and are never in a hurry. I felt again like I was wasting time. I’ve really been feeling more and more of a drive to work hard. Time is so precious and I don’t want to waste any of it. Hopefully I’ll learn how to be the most effective possible so that I’ll us being the Lord’s time wisely.

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