I made a lot of mistakes

Thursday, January 27, 2005

I’m feeling a little bit down on myself and feeling sorry that I’ve made so many mistakes today. First of all I’ve been feeling unkindly toward Elder Cox because he’s all out of money including his P1500 savings and so I’ve had to pay for everything including his laundry. I know that it’s really not important that I have money but I’m still upset at him for it. Also I’m kicking myself because we didn’t make it to the school this morning to do the Bible reading. I made a bad decision to not get on a jeep when I had a chance and there wasn’t another jeep for over an hour and then it was too late anyhow to go. Also I’m upset because we didn’t leave the house after lunch until late. Our lunch stretched into two hours and it was just slow. Also I realized today that the work here is really falling because of my focus on this whole Bible Week thing. One good thing about today was that we had a really good family home evening with the Viloria family. We had Brother Viloria choose a story from the Book of Mormon story book and then we discussed it. He chose the story about Lehi’s dream. We read it with them and their children and it was really good. I really love that family and I really hope that I will get to see them at the temple before I have to go home. That alone would make me really happy.

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