A hard day

Saturday, January 29, 2005

We had Zone Conference today. It was really good because we are celebrating the 200 year anniversary of Joseph Smith’s birth and so all of it was about him. I really had my testimony strengthened by the things that were discussed. We also watched a video entitled “Joseph Smith: The American Prophet.” It isn’t produced by the church but it really gave the story of Joseph Smith’s life. I also found out in interviews today that I’ll be the district leader when Elder Baylon goes off this transfer. Before I’ve always wanted, a bit proudly, to hold a position like that. The more I think about it, the less and less desirable. I’d much rather be a senior companion and not have to worry about the whole district.

On a different note, we had Bro Aldana’s interview with Pres. Beck yesterday at 1:00. Pres. met with Elder Cox and me first and we told him what we know and then they interviewed him. Elder Fesolai translated for him. The interview lasted almost a full hour. Well, he was again disappointed because he now has to go to church for 6 months straight before he will be able to be baptized.  I know that the Lord has a purpose in this even though it’s hard. He was really hurt. I really wanted to see him baptized but that will be the job for my replacement I guess. That really hurt because I was hoping to see him all the way through. He has to wait until June now. Hopefully he’ll be strong and be able to continue to progress.

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