Trying not to debate the minister

Saturday, December 4, 2004

Well we met our friend from yesterday and, well, he’s the Minister at the Inglecia ni Cristo here in Dagupan. His name is Denis Rayes. We went back to a follow-up with Bro Santiago and we got in a little ways in reading 3rd Nephi 11 when he just “happened to drop by.” He started right into the question of if Jesus Christ is a God or not. He started quoting scripture all over the place and using really crazy strange logic. The spirit really wasn’t there. We didn’t debate him but he wouldn’t even let us share. He told us that we could share but every time we tried he’d just stop us and not let us speak. I admit I wasn’t having the nicest feelings toward him and it was kind of hard to keep from debating him. My mind kept picking out holes in his logic and stuff and I just wanted to attack him outright. I guess it’s a good thing that Elder Cox is better in tune with the spirit than I am because it might have gone really had. I need to work on loving people more and seeing that they always still have potential. I really am too quick to wrath and I need to become patient and slow to anger.

One thought on “Trying not to debate the minister

  1. Brian Saville

    I know the feeling… geesh, except for the part about feeling like I needed to be better, those were my exact thoughts when ministers or others just “knew” that they knew more than we did.

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