Bringing people to church

Sunday, December 5, 2004

We left this morning at 7:00 in order to pick up Bro. Aldana. We got really lucky and a jeep came right away and we got there really quickly. We had told him we would come at 8:00 so we decided to wait until 7:45 to go in. We waited for a while and then we saw a lady that lives with him and she told us that he was waiting for us. We went back to his house and he was waiting for us all dressed up nice and ready to go. We also caught a bus back to Calintaan really quick and ended up getting to church at about 8:00. That was good because it gave Bro. Aldana a good hour to meet people and start making friends. It was great because the Tardios and Pres. and Bro Pulido all made friends with him. He really liked church and gave a really good answer to a question asked in Sunday school. Bro Manzo sat next to him and also made friends. He told us afterward that Bro Alana wants to have others in his home also be taught. I’m pretty confident that he’ll keep coming to church.

We went up to Grill with Bro. Rommel this afternoon. We taught a first discussion to one of our OYMs from Friday. It was good. Also Rommel introduced us to one of his friends up there.

We dropped by the Tardios as well today to return two of their plates that they brought us delicious fish on the other day. Nanay Amy Tardio gave us each a Christmas present. That family is absolutely amazing. They live in a little hut with no electricity or anything and the love us and the Lord that much to sacrifice a ton for all of us. Sis Amy’s daughter Eva and also Lennie Tardio are both branch missionaries and do awesome work. Sis Eva is also waiting for her mission call. Their faith is amazing. I really love that family. Hopefully we’ll be able to do something for them for Christmas.

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