Taking a trip out to Grill

Friday, December 3, 2004

Well it looks like the brown out isn’t going to be as long as we thought. We saw them fixing the polls that were down in Calintaan earlier today. Sadly enough, I’m a little bit disappointed that it’s coming back on. We were really hoping that we’d beat the mission record of one full month without power. I’m still happy and excited that it’ll be back on soon because then I’ll be able to listen to my music and sit in front of an electric fan.

This morning we went out to Grill. I don’t think that missionaries had been there before us because most of the people didn’t know us. It was kind of strange at the first house that we went to. There were a lot of people sitting outside talking. Lots of them were dressed really nicely dressed and therefore we had no idea what was going to do. We went in and started talking to them. Well one of the men sort of took charge and started telling us about things. He asked us what our most basic doctrine was. Elder Cox told him about the restoration. He then proceeded to tell us about our religion and all about the Book of Mormon. He even told us the scripture out of Ezekiel that talks about the two sticks. I was amazed. It was like he’d already read the Book of Mormon. I don’t understand though how someone can read the Book of Mormon and not be converted and be baptized. He’s really smart and really knows his bible. We asked him what his religion was and he just said that he studies scriptures a lot. Other than that we didn’t have much success working up in Grill.

We’ve been reading the General Conference issue of the Liahona for our companionship study. It is really good and I’m really enjoying the spirit that I feel while we are reading.

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