The Chinese elementary school

Thursday, September 9, 2004

This morning we were supposed to have follow-ups at the MIR. We knew that the sisters wouldn’t be there until 10:00 but we tried to get there by 9:00 just to see if we were able to do it. We left at about 8:10 and, after the train and walking, we got there at about 9:05. We’ll make sure that we leave at 8:00 exact from now on so that we’ll be sure to get there exactly at 9:00. We actually ended up not doing follow-ups because after waiting for a long time the sisters still hadn’t come. We did get some good studying in though and I was happy for that.

After our lunch break we went out to work. We had both of our teaching appointments fall through so we just did a lot of OYM’s and finding. We actually followed up on a card that we had been given at the church last week. It is a business card for a man that works at a Chinese elementary school by our house. We first asked him about service and told him that we wanted to come and do service at his school. He at first thought that we wanted to come and do a church service but we explained to him that it was more like community service. He liked the idea but wanted to have a “formal” meeting; we scheduled to meet him next Tuesday. Hopefully we’ll be able to teach him a great first discussion and explain to him about the church. He doesn’t speak Tagalog and so it’s going to be really strange teaching too him in English. We also this afternoon had a really nice first discussion with and elderly couple. They seemed interested at first but it only lasted for about five minutes. When we offered them a Book of Mormon they refused outright. Elder Tipiton said that that was the first time he’d had that happen. Usually, daw, they just take it but don’t read. It was a bit surprising. I feel bad for them. They just don’t know what they’re passing up.

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