Service at the school again

Friday, September 10, 2004

Today was a really long day. This morning we went down to Elder Alongo’s area to do service. We did service at the same elementary school that we did a few weeks ago. We cleaned up trash again and also did some gardening work. It was a lot more fun than last time because I understood a lot more of what the kids were saying. It was really hot while we were working and I was really sweating hard. It was actually really hard work and I was tired after it.

Playing with the kids at school in Manila.

Playing with the kids at school in Manila.

This afternoon we taught a fourth discussion too Juris. We took her to the Mendoza’s house so that we could have a third boy there’re while we teach. It went well. I think that she understood well and didn’t really have any troubles. We had to re-teach her how to pray though because she had written out a prayer that she would just read. It was hard for her to pray from the heart but she did ok.

After our discussion at about 2:00 we went over and worked in Crame for the rest of the day. We had some findings but we didn’t really get to give a discussion. As we were on our way out a brother stopped us and just out of the blue asked us about the elections in the states. I realized that I really don’t know what’s happening over there at all. I’ve been away from it for 4 months and it’s weird too not have any idea what’s happening in my own country.

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