Teaching the Rose Family

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Well, as you have probably guessed, I was really tired last night and so therefore my thoughts and my writing both got really confused. Hopefully I’ll do better tonight. Today was a good day. This morning we got to teach a piano lesson to Sister Lennie Tardio. She is really improving but is just shy that she will mess up when she plays in front of people. We also did some good tracting this morning. We didn’t get to teach anything off of it but at least we are doing our part. We also helped at the primary activity this morning. They didn’t really know what to do but at least they are obeying the instructions coming from the PBO.

We started our fast at lunch today. I’m fasting for a dual purpose that I’ll be able to be more diligent and wise with time and also that we will be able to get the Malabja’s birth certificates in a timely manner. Right after lunch we went to Malatiquang and got to teach Bro Aldana’s oldest son a first lesson. It went well. We also dropped by the Malakad and Ronquilio families to remind them to come to church tomorrow. We also were able to teach Salvadore Rose about the word of wisdom. When we were there yesterday, Bro. Viloria taught well about it but we just wanted to cement it and get a firm commitment from him. Hopefully he will be able to make it to church tomorrow. The only problem is that his twelve-year old daughter has a really high fever and he doesn’t want to leave her alone. Brother Romil will go by their house tomorrow before church and hopefully bring him with them.

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