Starting on Another Marriage

Friday, March 4, 2005

Well there have been a lot of developments since I wrote last. Yesterday we went to teach Sister Mari Tess Malabja about chastity and the Sabbath Day. Well it all went well until the end when I felt impressed to ask her if she was married to her husband. I didn’t think that this would be ab problem because they have been together for a long time and have several children. Well, we asked and it turns out that they aren’t married. Just to complicate matters, neither one of them have their birth certificates which are needed in order to get married. We went to the municipal this morning to see if there is anything that we can do without the certificate. They told us that there was nothing we could do but find the certificate. So thus begins another long road toward marriage. We’ll start looking for that this week.

The other thing that developed today was that we found out a lot about what is happening at the Zepata’s in their situation. It turns out that the only reason that they are Seventh Day Adventists is because of where they live. The man who owns the lot that they live on is also 7th day and doesn’t exactly want us there. That is kind of a huge hurdle to get over.

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