Teaching in church

Sunday, December 26, 2004

We only had two investigators, out of the four that we were hoping for, come to church: Bro Sergio Aldana and Bro Selso Lopez. Our meetings were good. In priesthood I taught about testimony and sharing pure testimony. It went well but my Tagalog was really struggling. We had another strange lesson in Sunday school. Sister Maricar Siscar does a good job but she relates things that are very far from the point of the lesson and I’m often really lost. Sacrament was good. We had a really long and pointless PEC meeting. It was actually a branch council and it went really long. Everybody reported, sort of, but nothing was done to help the people that we had concerns about. Oh well, the branch is still making progress even if it is sort of slow. After our lunch break, we went and visited Bro Aldana. He’s still doing well and we just have to be sure to continue to give him strength as he progresses and waits to have his interview with Pres Beck. We also did some work in Dagupan and finished at the Andales family. Brother really still wants to be baptized but he’s still weak with alcohol and still tries to justify his drinking. Hopefully I’ll be here when he gets baptized

This is a really nice note that I got from Nanay Tardio. She has the strongest faith and raised a wonderful family.She loved the missionaries and was a great blessing to the church.



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