Merry Christmas from Mindoro

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Well this has been the craziest Christmas day of my life. This morning I got to talk to my family. It was good but it took us forever to get it all set up because I gave them the wrong number because Elder Fa’oa gave me the wrong one. We didn’t start the call until almost an hour after we were supposed to. I really enjoyed talking with them. Being away from them has really made me realized how much I love them. I really have a great family and I’m grateful for them. I called from the church so I got to sit in air-conn and it was good. After our calls, we went back to the apartment and showered and got ready to come back to our area. We wanted to eat lunch at Mackeys but they were closed so we ate next door. It tasted alright but the portions were really small. After lunch, we got really lucky and caught a bus really quickly and got back to Calintaan really fast. We went out to Marilaw and did a follow-up with the family that is living with Nanay Cabanig. It was okay except that our Tagalog isn’t perfect and they speak a different dialect so it was difficult to communicate. We also visited Bro Oreta and shared a Christmas message with him. Finally we visited the lady who is here in Calintaan, visiting her mother. She’s from Pennsylvania and so she speaks really good English. She fed us good tuna sandwiches and also a really good potato salad. We also showed her the “Joy to the World” VCD. She said it was nice but wasn’t exactly very interested. Her name is Lettie Lee and she’s really nice and friendly. Hopefully we can just be her friend and the have the Elders back in Pennsylvania teach her. We’ll see what happens there.

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