Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Today was another good day that went really fast. Being Tuesday, we went into San Hose for district meeting. This was my first district meeting as district leader. It went well. I got to teach the skills lesson which was a good experience. I taught about extending commitment invitations and how we can strengthen them by testifying and promising blessings. For the practice, I tried doing it in English. It was hard but good because I got to use some words that I have never used before.

Our CR in calintaan

Our CR in calintaan

I’ve been trying to re-obtain an ability to speak correct English. I use way too much “Taglish” and I’d rather just speak one pure language than pollute both by mixing them. I realize that I’ll have to “taglish” when I go back to the city but I’ll deal with that when it comes. I also got to have a good talk in English with the Van Ormans. Elder Van Orman is a civil engineer and so we talked about school and engineering.

Another of my highlights today was that I got a valentines package from my family. They sent me a photo album which was really good. It is good to have some “character” pictures of them not just posed.

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