Trying to arrange music

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Today was a good relaxing P-day. I got a lot accomplished that needed to be done. This morning I got all the maps and things organized for the area book. I found a lot in the extra room and so I put them together and marked where the member’s houses and the church etc. are. It felt good to get it accomplished. I also started working on the song that I will be directing at district conference. I was asked by Pres Van Orman to lead a young men’s choir and sing “O’ making lahat ng bansa” or “Hark, all ye Nations.” I’m trying to do a good arrangement but discovering that my composition skills are sorely lacking. Hopefully it will still turn out well. I also wrote four letters today which is, I think, a record for me in one day. At about 2:30 I lay down to take a nap and slept until about 3:20 when the power went off. Well that meant no shower.

Elder Cox and I down by the beach

Elder Cox and I down by the beach

Work was good today. We had a good reading/discussion with the Zepata family. Brother has finally started reading again and they might actually be progressing. They are 7th-day Adventists and so we talked a little about Jesus Christ fulfilling the Law of Moses. It went over well. We also [that’s all there was].


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