Sunday Duties (Sunday, June 13, 2004)

Today was my first real day that I’ve had to do all of the AP’s duties. We have a Presidency meeting this morning and it was good. We also have a leadership meeting with all the district leaders. The meetings with this branch presidency are sort of weird. We hardly ever start with prayer and then the meeting is very unstructured with no one “really” conducting. For example I am supposed to conduct the leadership meeting but I never get farther than the prayer before the person from the presidency takes over. I guess that is just my little trial.


We went to a very good fireside tonight. The speaker was Bro. Hansen. He talked about the scattering and gathering of Israel. He related the history of the founding of America and how it was necessary for the Church to be restored. It was good.


In our presidency meeting this morning we were instructed to limit our letter writing to P-days. I didn’t write to my family today because of it. I hope that I can find time to write on P-day it just always seems so full.

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