Psych Screening (Wednesday, June 17, 2004)

This morning I had a psychological screening for my visa. It was really easy. Basically we just talked for five minutes and were done. The one problem was that it was right on top of our temple time so we had to go after. The temple was great as always. Dad sent me a few names to do and so we did them. I really enjoy doing family names; there is something really special for doing work for family members.


Elder Arnesen, Sister Evangelista, Elder Lewis


In class tonight we had Sister Ebanghelista, a sister from the Philippines going to Temple Square, come and talk to us in Tagalog. I was surprised that I could understand so much of what she said. It really helped me to hear how Tagalog is supposed to sound

I also remember that our teachers had Sis. Ebanghelista pray for us in Tagalog. I remember kneeling in our little basement classroom and hearing our first Filipino pray in their native language. The prayer was beautiful and it was awesome to hear a prayer in the language that I would come to love so much.

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