Still no power

Monday, November 29, 2004

Today we had a really strange discussion with an old man in an old falling apart cubo[1] hut. We worked the whole morning in Panay and got turned down all the time so we went out to check with an investigator that we taught a while ago. Well he wasn’t there and so we taught a “desperation” discussion to the old man in the hut next door. I felt the sprit but for some reason the guy was just all obsessed with becoming one. It was a really random lesson. We also got to teach two first lessons in Dagupan tonight with Bro. Pulido. One was just a review for Edwin Calera and the other was off of an OYM that we did a while ago. The second one was really good. It was a brother and sister and their three kids. They were a nice family. For dinner tonight we ate Sky Flakes[2] and gravy. We’ve really been running low on food because we can’t use the refrigerator because of the brown out. Ayaw ko saw mga brownout[3].

[1] cubo = made of palm leaves and bamboo.

[2] Sky Flakes were basically individually wrapped saltine crackers. They were very dry and had no taste.

[3] I don’t like brownouts!

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