Church is “crazy” again

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Church was really crazy today. All of the people, mostly, didn’t get there until half way through priesthood meeting. Elder Cox was giving a really good lesson about tithing and having them come in half way was a little bit disruptive. The reason it was bad that it was really crazy was because a fairly new investigator came to church and it was really important that he feel the spirit; well it’s just a little bit difficult to feel the spirit when everything is all crazy. In Sunday school and also in sacrament meeting it was crazy as well. There were little kids running all over and making all kinds of noise. We also had the confirmation of the Manzos today and it was so crazy during that. Then Pres Isla used the wrong name for Sis Manzo and so after church we had to use the correct name and to it all over again. We had a good PEC meeting and made some good plans to start fixing the problems with the reverence. Hopefully Pres will actually implement the things we talked about. We also got a good start on getting a good Christmas party organized. Hopefully we’ll be able to use it as a great finding tool. After lunch we went out with Bro Ronnie Manzo and Bro Ambog Siscar to visit Bro Aldana. They both bore strong testimony that he can give up his alcohol and his other word of wisdom problems. He just really needs to come to church and experience for himself. We also went to follow-up with a lot of OYMs that we had in Calintaan but they all fell through so we took a break on the beach and then visited Bro Edward. We had a good conversation about how he needs to come back to church and also stop again drinking and smoking. We also talked about how we can help his wife become converted to the gospel. We finally went to Tardios and worked a little bit on the Christmas program.

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