Air Conditioning!

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Air conditioning is a great thing! We got to sit in glorious cool air for a whole two hours today. It was like I’d died and gone to heaven. I got to teach another attributes lesson today. I taught about patience because it is a trait that I struggle with. It went well but I kind of felt bad because Elder Cox asked me to teach after he had already asked Elder Baylon to teach. Well as it works out, he had prepared a lesson on patience as well. I guess this is just one thing that we really need to work on as missionaries. Elder Cox also taught a lesson about how to hear and recognize the spirit. He is a great teacher and I can learn a lot from him. I found out today that my batch mate, Elder Edwards, it now in the office. I actually got to talk to him today because I guess there was a problem with my bank and that they were trying to fix. We spent most of our day today at M1 computer shop working on some paper work for the branch. We translated the outline for the new member lessons so that Tardios would be able to teach them to the Manzo family. Overall it was a pretty effective day and I’m really excited to go back to San Jose tomorrow for our P-Day.

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