Some of the Rose family commits to Baptism

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Today has been a good day. I’ve really been trying to soak up this area because I’m now in my last week here. This morning I taught a piano lesson to Lennie Tardio. It went well. She told us afterward about how hard sometimes life is. It was hard because I don’t know what to do. I trie dot help her but I’m not sure how effective it was. We also went to Dagupan this morning because we were planning on getting picture at the blacksmith shop of Bro Rose. We were also going to try to help him there. We didn’t get to though because it was all locked up and brother had no key. I’m having him make six kitchen knives for me. I think that would be a pretty good gift for people. This afternoon we went back to Dagupan. We had to walk most of the way because there were not jeeps because it is “Holy Week.” They have a tradition/belief here that every year on Easter week that God and Jesus are “dead.” Because of this, people think that it is not safe to do any kind of work because there isn’t anyone to watch over them. Also they read “the passion” over a loud speaker over and over again in a very flat monotonous voice. They started that droning this morning at 5:00 and it went on almost all day. Anyhow, that isn’t the highlight of the day.

The Field is White

The Field is White

We taught the Rose family a third lesson today about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We gave them a commitment to be baptized on April 16 and they accepted. I was really excited. Salvadore, Erlinda, Karen and Jay-Ann Rose all said they would. Hopefully Rose-Ann and Irene will also accept.

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