Service at the Barangay Office

Friday, July 30, 2004

This morning we had a real service project. We met the sisters of our district at 8:00. Well we were supposed to meet them but they were about ½ hour late. Anyways, we went to Brgy. Pasedina to do our service. The Barangay Office is by Nanay Jose’s house so she came to service with us. J. also came and met us there. We worked in the library organizing books. I was amazed at the books they had. They were all old but they had something on almost every subject. They even had Oedipus the King! Wow!

After that we went over to bahay ni Nanay Jose and taught J. the 6th discussion. It went well especially considering that I’d never done it before in Tagalog. J. is great and she really is ready for baptism. Her date is tomorrow and so I’m really excited.

After we finished our service we went back to the apartment. Elder Catubag made a good meal for all of us. It was really Filipino and I liked it.

Later on in the day we went to visit Sister M P. Elder Sangco taught her the first before I got here and we got to teach her the third today. She was awesome because she’s already read most of The Book of Mormon. She hasn’t prayed yet but she believes that it is true. We had a really good discussion. It’s hard for her because her husband doesn’t really support her in investigating the church so she can’t come to church or anything. I’ll pray for her tonight.

Well the mission in general is good. My Tagalog gets better and better every day. I have a great companion Elder Spencer Sangco and the work is going forward. I’m really excited for what this two years holds for me.

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