Judy’s Baptism

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Well I got to see my first baptism today. It actually wasn’t as spiritual as I thought it might be but it was really powerful. Her name is Judy Santiago and she was really excited. After the pagbibinyag[1] she was just bouncing off the walls with joy. I hope that she will stay strong and active and also that she’ll feel the spirit strongly tomorrow at the confirmation in sacrament meeting. I only feel bad because I can’t really talk to her on a high level. I still can only readily say beginning phrases. However, I know that the Lord will bless me as I keep on working.

Elder Sangco, Judy Santiago and me at Judy's baptism

Elder Sangco, Judy Santiago and me at Judy’s baptism

Today was also interesting and hard because Elder Sangco was really sick. After the baptism, we just went back to the apartment. He has stomach and head troubles. It’s weird because I’ve eaten everything that he did and done everything he did but I’m not really sick. I am a little bit sick but I think it is because of the caffeine. That’s one thing that’s hard for me here. Everybody offers us Pepsi of Coke and if you don’t accept it it’s really rude I think. The first day they told us it wasn’t bawal[2] to drink it and that it would help with getting rid of worms etc. It really makes me sick though so I’m going to really try to avoid it from now on. I now know why I’ve avoided it in the past. The taste isn’t exactly the most masarap bagay na[3] I’ve ever drank.

[1] Pagbibinyag: baptism

[2] Bawal: forbidden

[3] Masarap bagay na: delicious thing that

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